New Work at kDesignationz: A Seagull Nests Above San Francisco’s Ocean Beach (Updated)

bird's nest, seagull photography, San Francisco's Ocean Beach, Fujifilm s5700 camera

It’s my first time seeing a seagull tending to a nest!

I mentioned in An earlier post I’d started experimenting with my old(er) Fujifilm S5700 camera again. There’s been lots of big and little surprises with the photos taken of late.  This shot, of a seagull tending to her nest perched on the rocks high above San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, is easily a BIG surprise. While it goes without saying I almost always do at least a little post- processing, this shot didn’t take much. I was a decent distance from the subject, the air was a little misty, but not insanely so, and lastly, my subject really helped me out by ‘posing’…well, she was just guarding and incubating her young, but I’m still grateful. It goes back to something I mentioned from the same recent post; get to know your camera settings intimately. Doing so is only going to provide you with lots more choices in how you both shoot and finalize (or post-process) your shots. Spending time at the ocean, I’m use to seeing seagulls riding the wind, sitting on the quay wall, or trying to score food from those of us who chose to eat at the beach. This was a first; seeing a seagull quietly and patiently tending to her nest. I like how it turned out! More Fujifilm S5700 shots to come… UPDATE: I’ve got this one available at kDesignationz, my Redbubble site. For now you’ll see it translated as prints, posters, cards, drawstring bag; eleven item total. The number is subject to change… soon! K’lee L. © 2015

8 thoughts on “New Work at kDesignationz: A Seagull Nests Above San Francisco’s Ocean Beach (Updated)

          1. Well said, well said! You are of course perfectly right in reminding me of the world’s need for its imperfections. There are far too many things we wouldn’t have if every society were a utopia. Even pearls begin their creation as an irritant to the clam that makes it!

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