High Speed Photography: Capturing The Girl Who Jogs on Air!

San Francisco's Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, high speed photography, outdoor photography

High speed photography can sometimes leave your subjects ‘walking / jogging on air’ –  K’lee L.

I took this shot a while ago… weeks? a month? All I really know is it was a rare, early beginnings of a sunny day in front of San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden located in the sprawling Golden Gate Park. Now that I take another look at the photo, I’ll say it goes back maybe closer to two months as there are still cherry blossoms on the trees.

With that much light happening so early, I tend to shoot at very fast speeds. Doing so will produce sharper photos with motion free objects whether they be animal, mineral, or people.

It wasn’t until I returned home and began doing a little post-processing that i noticed the jogger in the shot looked as if she was walking/jogging on air! Photographers who shoot sporting events, and I’ve done a few, shoot at higher speeds to ‘freeze the action’. It allows the viewer to take in all the detail as if they were looking at a still shot… which it is!

I like the effect.

K’lee L. © 2015

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