San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral: Three Views On An Iconic House of Faith

houses of worship. cathedrals of San Francisco. landmark cathedrals, architectural marvels

Three views of the spectacular Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. – K’lee L.

Today’s three photos were chosen first because today is Sunday; a day many celebrate their faith or at least are able to step gently away from the work week and appreciate time off to be with family and friends.

San Francisco landmarks, Gothic cathedrals

It is also June 21st, the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year!

San Francisco Landmarks, architectural marvels, Gothis cathedrals.

Lastly, it is Father’s day; a time where we honor and show gratitude to fathers of all kinds for their love, influence, and support in our lives.

May a threefold of blessings flow this Sunday for you all…

K’lee L. © 2015

9 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral: Three Views On An Iconic House of Faith

    1. That is a very good question! I did a little digging and found this site which speaks to the origins of Gothic literature and architectural design. It’s an interesting read:

      In the article, there is mention made of the style representing ‘man’s desire to transcend the temporal, or earthly realm and touch the divine’. I’d like to know if you read the article what you think about it?

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      1. Nice article there, Lee. Summing it up, Goth culture is something that romanticize horror, the dark side, and the unknown, though not really dwelling into supernatural in contradiction to what was said in the article. You may see me as a Goth since I like very much the dark side of everything but looking at it with jest and humor… That’s why I am fascinated with zombies and one of my music genre is heavy metal. Hehehe! 🙂

        Seriously, some interprets Goth differently based on what they see but for us Goths, it’s an art, a way, a manner on how to look at the dark side of the moon… How can one be complete without seeing both sides of the coin? 🙂

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        1. Yes, a good article, Ompong. For me, Gothic architecture is simply that; Gothic architecture. It represents one style much like classical or say the style of the beautiful temples found in Vietnam or India.
          I think we all are here to express ourselves through whatever form or style it takes. I’ve known several ‘Goths’ through the years. I pass no judgement so long as we can mutually respect one another. I also agree with your last question: ‘How can we be complete without considering both sides of the coin?’ I wish there was more of that type of consideration in the world today…


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