Nature Photography: Don’t Go Painting Waterfalls!

San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, nature photography, manmade waterfalls, water photography

The waterfall in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, graphically speaking! – K’lee L.

Bees, the kind we find naturally occurring in nature, seem to always have things to do. Yet, in my mind, they seem seriously organized and ‘on point’ with getting all their work done. I’m not a bee. I’m me, and sometimes that means I have to juggle several things at once. It also means I’m not a part of a collective ‘hive mind’ that collates and collaborates to make things happen. All to say this post, after some days of not posting, is representative of me ‘getting better at juggling’; enough so to make time to post this!

The photo this graphic was rendered from is of the amazing waterfall you’ll find in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. I won’t offer directions or locales because I believe the exploration, especially on a nice day (!), is well worth your time should you chose to accept this mission while in San Francisco. (…it’s really not a …’Mission Impossible’)

I’ll be adding some of the actual photos I’ve taken in the last week or two of this phenomenal structure soon; once the juggling act come to something similar to a close!

Oh, I’ve been asked about making this one available as a print, so that should happen by week’s end!

(I’ll post about it!)

K’lee L. © 2015

8 thoughts on “Nature Photography: Don’t Go Painting Waterfalls!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I’d been doing a little studying up on how to shoot a waterfall and make it look like a SERIOUS waterfall days before this shoot. I’m very happy about the results, some of which will make their way here soon!

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