Black and White Photography: Monochromatics From a Fujifilm (and Nikon) Perspective

black and white collage, monochromatic photos, Fujifilm cameras

the old camera’s got some life in her yet! – K’lee L.

I realized after putting this collage together, two of the photos; the stairs next to the homes, and the Columbus/ Coit Tower shot happened because of my Nikon. The others are from my S5700; an older camera (I wrote a previous post about here) I’m finding still has plenty life and photo-taking capabilities! It doesn’t stop me wanting to own Fujifilm’s X-T 1 mirror-less camera, but that’s another story.

UPDATE: Well, well… it’s nice sometimes to go back and change a statement to reflect what I originally intended. After going back over all the photos in this collage, I can now state they were all taken with my Fujifilm S5700 and not with my Nikon!

Is it a HUGE deal?


I’ve yet to take either camera out for some photo-taking and grumble about the effort. I enjoy the experience irregardless. I’m simply more satisfied with the entire group of shots belonging to the Fujifilm. As mentioned earlier, I’ve taken many more, so chances are there will be other posts soon!

K’lee L. © 2015

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