Nighttime Photography: Racing the Light in the San Francisco Streets

San Francisco city streets, nighttime photography, rush hour traffic

When life feels like a juggling act, remember it’s one breath at a time!
– K’lee L.

Every so often, I’ll find a photo I took from another time that speaks perfectly to a current state of things. This is a first post in a while for me. There’s lots happening in my world of late, but nothing I can’t handle…most of it’s related to my creative endeavors, so it’s all good or will be in the end.

I’m glad to have found this photo (again) this morning. It gave me the inspiration to take a minute to get a post out there before the cobwebs started settling in on my blog! I’m sure there are plenty of you who feel the same: you start out posting with a regular frequency, then life steps in and asks or forces you to change up the ‘game plan’.

Changing our routines when it comes to blogging can feel like a challenge, but I think I’m going to run with this one and not worry too much about ‘blogging frequencies’ for the time being…

K’lee L. © 2015

all rights reserved

12 thoughts on “Nighttime Photography: Racing the Light in the San Francisco Streets

    1. LOL! I’ve yet to see the show, but I still say thank you because that’s a ‘super power’ I really wouldn’t mind having just about now! You’ve just given it its new permanent name by the way…

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    1. You just said those words better than I ever could have, and I thank you for that, brother.
      All is well, but I don’t mind saying I sometimes let what’s happening in the picture happen in my head. There’s good and bad in that, I guess.
      At the end of the day, nothing brings me back into my true self quicker than returning to those things I have a passion for. It like being snatched out of time and returned to the eternal…
      Hope all is well with you too!

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  1. Great shot ~ nothing quite like night shooting, the lighting and higher degree of difficulty makes it a pretty good time. And agree with the blogging frequencies, let it come to you when it feels right. Cheers.

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    1. Thanks! It’s funny how I really had to make the effort to get out in the evenings last year to start shooting at night. It was all those moon events that got me going. Once I got the hang of it, I knew I wanted to do more.
      Yes, I’ll always enjoy the notion of blogging, but I’m sure it’s true for most of us that LIFE can sometimes demand our attention… and demand the frequencies change. I’ll take that advice of yours too and let it happen naturally. Thanks for that!
      Regards, my friend!


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