Ocean Photography: A Lone Seagull Does a Run Across Sutro Baths

seagull photography, San Francisco Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths

kinda wish I could do that…
– K’lee L.

Every so often, I get the impression the seagulls here at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths are showoffs. OK, not all of them. Some are cool just doing the normal things seagulls do; hang out with their friends, search for humans offering handouts, or guard their nests.

I guess my showoff comment is aimed at seagulls like the one in this shot. I think I may have watched him make three or four runs right past me and my camera as if to say: ‘Yeah, but can you do….THIS?’

After I took the photo, I realized

…could just be my imagination too.

7 thoughts on “Ocean Photography: A Lone Seagull Does a Run Across Sutro Baths

        1. Amazing the things we are drawn to and repelled by as children isn’t it? Some things remain the same, some evolve into something more. I use to be terrified of… horses! It didn’t help when one of my fifth-grade schoolmates came in one day showing off fresh bite marks from, you guessed it, a horse. Now I’m trying to finish my first novel where a horse might as well be a main character… in fact he is!

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          1. Sometimes I feel like I need to just go ahead and kick this book out the house, it’s been going on too long. Other, more rational times, I know it’s exactly where it needs to be both on the page and in my consciousness. I’ve just got to trust that.

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