The Sacred and the Profane: A Lion’s Life

lion photography, San Francisco Zoo, wildlife portraits

for Cecil…
– K’lee L.

Just a quick little post today, bought on by stumbling across this shot I took earlier in the summer. I don’t know this beautiful lion’s name. I do know when I want to visit him, I can make a trip to the pretty cool San Francisco Zoo and occasionally, he’ll allow me to see him and take a couple pictures. I’m always grateful when he does…

The caption under the photo says, ‘for Cecil’. Cecil is or was a very popular lion living in Zimbabwe’s (Africa) Hwange National Park. He was killed recently… for sport (?)… or boredom (?)… or…

I don’t know if the true reason (with all the facts) he was killed will ever come to light, but I hope they do, and I can’t help hoping the individual who did the killing simply owns it; owns what a tragedy the loss of this innocent lion’s life is, the tragedy of ANY innocent life is.

for Cecil…

K’lee L. © 2015

13 thoughts on “The Sacred and the Profane: A Lion’s Life

    1. You are most welcomed, Persia. I’m almost afraid to ask what your ex did to kittens… but we writers do have imaginations… Sorry to hear it, but look at the fantastic way you flipped it into something beautiful… Well done, Persia well done.

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      1. Unfortunately, two were sent to be euthanized out of spite, one was drowned whilst I was sleeping, another was battered to death, and one was dumped…
        Thank you. I couldn’t think of what else to do with my pain/grief, so I decided to play an active role for those with no voice. x

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        1. Good Lord! That’s obviously a person in a lot of pain to do something on that level. Nice to know you’re no longer connected to that and have moved your life to a better vibe and locale!


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