Exotic Car Photography: The Razor’s Edge

The Razor's Edge

Ah blog, it’s never easy being away for extended amounts of time. The reasons were important enough to call me away to the other side of the country for a spell. I’ll be back in my beloved S.F. soon, but thought I’d take or make time while the morning is both peaceful and relatively quiet to put together a quick post.

This one’s another ‘blast from the past’, a photo taken at one of San Francisco’s exotic car shows, held next to the water throughout the year. I call it ‘Razor’s Edge’ based solely on the vibe of the car, the look of it, and knowing without really knowing this car is fast, really fast.

I can’t say for certain I’ll ever own a beautiful, sleek, exotic car such as this one. What I can say as I consider making my way back across country on my journey home, I wouldn’t mind riding the razor’s edge- this particular razor’s edge to get there.

K’lee L. Copyright 2015

10 thoughts on “Exotic Car Photography: The Razor’s Edge

    1. Thank you, Kim. It was a ‘challenging’ trip as my brother passed. The good news is the family pretty much kept things together especially for the little ones.
      As for the photo… I’m laughing that you have to hide it… maybe only show a single wheel?

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        1. Thank you, Kim. It really means a lot. I was given a fantastic photo of my brother I had never seen which basically blew me away and kept me smiling throughout. I’m sure it was his doing!
          Sorry about the car ‘challenge’. Yes, sounds to me like the ‘razor’s edge’ shouldn’t be shown… in part or in its entirety!

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          1. You are absolutely right on both points! I’ve already created several works based on the photo and to be honest, I’ve no doubt he had a hand in each one. We are fortunate to have those touchstones such as photos of our loved ones to help in the process of remembering.

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    1. Truly appreciate your words of support, my friend! The hardest part was watching his children try to process the loss. Being there for them helped to heal a piece of my heart…


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