kDesignationz Feature of the Day, The Extended Forcast!

San Francisco Piers, bridge photography, new moon rising

…a rare clear sky’s viewing of a New Moon rising…

So a suggestion I received not long ago was to create pages or posts featuring the work I do at kDesignationz or KLDesignz… and other up-and-coming spots with more direct links to the actual products themselves. The reason being a somewhat obvious one: people interested in seeing a particular design wouldn’t have to click their way through lots of other ‘stuff’. They can just see that one or two…or fifteen (joking!) items.

With that in mind, I figured I’d start with a recent posting from my kDesignationz spot, ‘A New Moon Rising…’ What you’ll find below are individual links to- you guessed it, individual items. Again, there designs are all based on my previously posted, ‘New Moon Rising…’ photo from a recent post. The only link you won’t find listed below is the one to wall art/ prints. That link you can find in that, ahem, previous post I just mentioned…

First up is the New Moon laptop skin, found here

Next, the New Moon throw pillow, found here

Then there’s the New Moon tote bag, found here

And who wouldn’t want to check out the New Moon studio pouch, found here

After that, you might want to check out the New Moon laptop sleeve, found here

Followed quite closely by the New Moon greeting card, found here

I’ll end this post of links with the New Moon hardcover journal for all the writer out there looking for something to… write in… it’s found here

Now, if you’ve been to my kDesignationz spot or others like it, you know the design choices are basically provided by, in this case, Redbubble. I provide my art and they provide the ‘canvas’ as it were for me to create.

If you’re so inclined, tap a link or two. Even better, let me know what you think because your thoughts are priceless to me… seriously!

K’lee L. © 2015

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