kDesignationz Feature of the Day: Pelican Takes Wing, A Rustic Variation

wildlife art, nature photography, San Francisco wildlife, pelican based artwork

just another experiment with my pelican friend.

Another bit of experimentation on a previous work. I chose again to work with my ‘Pelican Takes Flight’ piece, giving it what I consider to be a ‘rustic look’. Maybe it just looks ‘rusty’. I’ll take it though. Creativity for me, especially of late, is about the experiment, the attempt to rework an old piece into something if not new, different at least.

This ‘Rustic Variation’, along with several of its brother and sister pieces, are hanging out at kDesignationz, my Redbubble spot. As with previous posts, you’ll find links to several of the works currently available bearing this new motif on the below:

Can you picture a drawstring bag with this design? Here’s a link

How about … OK, I took some heat for NOT wanting to do LEGGINGS at first, so here’s a pair bearing um, a pelican design…

Next up, a bit of ‘wall art’ in the form of a pelican poster. Here’s the link

How about one more? How about I make it a surprise? Can you guess? (Sorry you won’t win anything if you guess correctly, but guessing is fun right? Here’s my ‘mystery’ link

So, take a look if you’ve got time. There’s easy access to the other items not mentioned with this design. As always, comments are most welcomed.

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