Ocean Photography: Proud, Defiant, Immortalized in Stone?

stone sculptures, San Francisco's Ocean Beach

proud, defiant, immortalized in stone?

Mine is the type of imagination which begins to construct, imagine, and/or create seemingly of its own volition and without other areas of my mind’s involvement. Such was the case the morning I pointed my trusty Fujifilm camera at this rock jutting out of the surf at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

I’d seen the rock formations before, but for whatever the reason, I’d never noticed the face before.  Note: If you can’t see it, picture a somewhat serious-looking male face belonging to a man lying on his back while looking up at the sky.

As far as my overactive imagination goes, I immediately envisioned some ancient man, cursed or blessed with the kind of immortality bequeathed when one is changed into stone!

Throughout the mythologies of many of the world’s cultures there are stories of man interacting with the gods. Sometimes these interactions prove beneficial, other times not so much. I suppose there’s a story brewing up in me somewhere. I catch glimpses occasionally while looking at this shot. Perhaps I’ll take my writing utensils back to the ocean and sit near this sculpture one morning so as to coax the story out. If I am so blessed, it just may find it’s way onto the pages of this blog?

…we’ll see

K’lee L. © 2015

2 thoughts on “Ocean Photography: Proud, Defiant, Immortalized in Stone?

    1. Thanks, Dana! It’s funny, but I feel like I’m only now learning to give myself permission to let story ideas germinate and make their way to the surface! Hopefully the story that shows up will exceed both our expectations?

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