Existence Of God!!

I thank first Santosh Namby for posting this amazing parable on the argument for and against the existence of God on his blog. I then thank ‘LifeMyntras’ for making it available for both myself and Santosh to find! This definitely bought a smile to my face!

19 thoughts on “Existence Of God!!

    1. I’m curious as to why you feel that way? I only ask because it’s my belief if you will, that our ‘traditional senses’ are not our only means of perceiving and receiving a truth. The baby who believed there was more seemed in my mind to acknowledge he/she didn’t know another life waited them after the birth, but supposed it to be so and found that supposition exciting in all its myriad possibilities (walking, talking and eating with the mouth for instance…) Can a mother transmit emotion, thoughts, prayers, hopes to an unborn child? I can’t help but feel an emphatic yes.

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      1. I don’t believe that actual physical experiences, or the memory of them, could be transferred to an unborn child.
        I’m willing to accept that the emotional and physical well-being of the mother is vital to the development of a child in the womb, but I doubt that anything other than very vague and abstract “feelings” can be experienced without prior knowledge and/or common points of reference (i.e. walking, talking, eating etc)
        Which isn’t to say that I don’t understand the argument that is being put forward in the parable, just that (aside from being an atheist) I like my myths to at least have some logic behind them and I this is trying

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        1. I can see what you’re saying and respect it. I do respect it. Biologically, something I find fascinating is the role of the brain plays as a potential conduit. Just consider what those who run call ‘the runner’s high’. Biologically, this translates as the brain ‘listening to’ clues from the body and in response producing increased amounts of hormones or other chemicals, (serotonin or dopamine or their like!) allowing us to ‘feel high’. I’m not a biologist, physician, nor am I what could be considered a religious person. I like to think I simply can hold each of these concepts together, see the potentiality in them all, then release. That’s just me, though.

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      2. ….this is attempting to compare religion with personal faith. Religion is the reason people believe in god(s), otherwise the stories the holy books are based on would have been forgotten centuries ago.
        Personal faith of the kind in this story is connected to a very specific set of ideas that one child has (the mythical “Mother” figure) which, in religion, would have been part of a learned and shared belief system, over a long period of time, involving the interpretation of hundreds of different scholars over thousands of years.

        Not the same as the idea popping into the head on one unborn individual.

        You could extend this and say that children will be born believing in a specific deity, just because their mother-to-be did so.
        And I don’t think anyone is suggesting that, are they?

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        1. I would go so far as to say religion is mans way to get everyone to agree on a particular set of concepts about who and what God is and should be in their lives. I don’t necessarily believe any one viewpoint on the matter should ‘fit’ every individual and culture on the planet. No, you bring a very valid point to this particular parable. What I’m drawn to is the concept that we humans have possibly not yet managed to evolve and utilize every means of obtaining knowledge. An unborn baby therefore could be privy to means of tapping into its mother’s memories, beliefs, thoughts in ways we do not understand yet in the ‘waking world’. Who is to say? The line between fact and faith is a complex one to cross.

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          1. There is, of course, no such thing as a “fact”. Only yesterday I found out that nearly sixty percent of scientific “facts” from only thirty years ago are now know to be, at least partly, untrue.

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          2. Yes, but one could then ask you: from where did you ‘find out’ this data on the nearly sixty percent of scientific facts? Do you see what can happen? We, each of us, a thousand times a day, agree with what is told to us as fact, or we don’t. What makes a thing fact for you might be the very thing making it suspect for me or someone two thousand miles away living a completely different lifestyle based on a completely different set of perceptions and beliefs?…or you know, that unborn baby believing there just might be more to living than what the umbilical cord provides…?


          3. How many persons on this earth does it take to make a fact ‘universally held’? Where must they come from? If the earth being flat could not be proved false back then, can we not also surmise we may be approaching a time when other, current incontrovertible ‘facts’ will meet the same fate? I say this only to say I believe in possibilities… and the evolution of things…

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          4. That’s just what I mean. I don’t think the Earth is going to proven not-round anytime soon, but I’m sure many things we assume to be impossible (time travel, faster than light travel, God, etc) maybe found to be possible, or “true” – for a given value of true – but until then, we have to go on what can be proven to be true as we understand it.

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          5. I agree so long as we both remember this phenomenal conversation began because of a ‘parable’, a tale not meant to be treated as irrefutable fact, but more as a ‘signpost’ along the way towards living a richer life, concerning two unborn babies, one of whom believed in the existence of something more beyond the realities of the womb…?

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          6. Could you tell, I’m right there, running besides you? I don’t believe there’s right and wrong here. Imagine a world where people … got together to DEBATE instead of hate or discriminate? What a world it’d be, huh? Keep on being you, my friend. I for one do not require you to change a thing to still respect the person I’m coming to know here.

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          7. It takes enlightenment or at least the desire to find it, to see it and respect it in others. I’ve caught glimpses of it in you before, but today I celebrate YOU and thank YOU for the gifts you’ve given me. May we continue to find our way to the highest enlightenment we can dare to hold, be inspired by, and of course have great debates on!


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