A Photographic Tribute: The Color Purple, The Artist Eva Marks

sailboats at sea, boats in the harbour, the color purple, water is life

the greatest voyage is the one where we find our true home. -K’lee L.

I wanted to find an image this morning that reminded me of an artist I discovered here on the WP some time ago. Her name is Eva Marks. If you’ve never seen her extraordinary fashion illustration work or photography work, well, let me help you out with this link

I only recently learned Eva is moving through challenging times, times which have caused her to take a break from blogging to focus on the wellness of her being.

My hope and prayer for Eva is that she will sail the seas of these turbulent times and eventually find her way back to shore and back to the expression of her creative spirit in whichever way seems appropriate for her.

In getting to know a bit about Eva, I learned the color purple is a favorite of hers, so I dedicate the above color and image, a sailboat navigating calm waters, to this dynamic, brilliantly creative force of nature.

This one’s for you, Eva.

K’lee L.

13 thoughts on “A Photographic Tribute: The Color Purple, The Artist Eva Marks

    1. Thank you, Nicodemas. I truly appreciate your words and compassion. I’m sure Eva will too when she reads this! You can get some idea of her beautiful work by the link in the post. I’m also wishing her the very best.

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  1. Oh gosh, I am overwhelmed by this beautiful, emotional, thoughtful tribute. It is deeply touching, most graceful and kind of you. “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart! You’re a most beautiful spirit of light! Your gesture, message and the stunning purple image is filled with a healing touch which is much needed at this time. You lifted me up and gave me hope that the day will come when my voyage on the purple seas finds the path to lead me back home.
    To every and each of you who thought about me today, “Thank You”, it is most appreciated and heart warming to know.
    Kindly sending all the best wishes to you all as well.
    ~ Eva Marks~

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    1. It is, in my humble obzervashun, the highest purpose our ‘virtual connections’ can be used for: to uplift, encourage, and help heal. The more we who understand this power utilize it, the more potent it will become… for me it’s a very exciting and creative force, one I hope to see continue to grow and transform others… it’s also another reason we who create MUST continue to do so. We never know how our art, our forms of expressing our spirit will touch and encourage another?

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    1. Thank you, Sheth. I really just know Eva through WordPress and her amazing art. When I read on her blog she was struggling health-wise, I wanted to do something that would allow myself and others to offer their support. It seemed the least we can do for each other? Oh, and my understanding is yes, she is doing better now, so thank you again!

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      1. I see. Definitely a kind gesture. And it was nice of you to think of offering a virtual helping hand. 🙂 After all, the world can never suffer from too much kindness or good deeds. Glad to know she’s feeling better! I visited her blog, some amazing talent there!

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        1. Imagine this sentiment on a global scale? People, nations consciously choosing communication, caring, and compassion over conflict? That for me would be the ‘virtual world made real’.


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