Treasures in the Archives: Rodin on Exhibit in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Art Gallery, Rodin Exhibition

nice to find old gems in the archives! – K’lee L.

I remember this trip clearly, even though it was years ago. I had just moved and made the decision passing through the stress of doing so meant I deserved a vacation! I’d also recently picked up a new camera I’d been itching to get out and use. Vancouver, BC made a lot of sense to me as it’s only a few hours’ flight from San Francisco. It was also summertime so the weather, while cloudy and cool in S.F., was (I hoped!) nice ‘up north’ in Vancouver.

I took this shot on my last of I believe five days. I was right about the temps being warmer, but a ‘bog fire’ the day I arrived, made for gray conditions on days one and two. Things cleared up after that and I got to head out with my snazzy new camera (think ten years ago!) and shoot the sights.

I had actually done a little editing on this shot and set it in a more recent folder so it was easier to find. There are lots of others from that vacation, which may find their way into future posts.

By the way, I didn’t get to check out the exhibit! I not only took this shot on my last day, but hours before heading back to the hotel and on to the airport. At least I got the shot, right?

Vancouver is a great city here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s both a walking city and a very photogenic city. My next visit will be a bit more planned out and hopefully longer in duration. I just hope I don’t have to share my skies with any more bog fire smoke…

K’lee L. © 2015

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