New Graphic Imaginings: A Murder of Crows on the Fire Tree

black crows fly, a murder of crows, birds flying high

My latest ‘ode to the mighty crow and to the season called Autumn. – K’lee L. © 2015

A grouping of crows, they’re called ‘a murder’. I didn’t look up the explanation (yet). Somehow, it almost seems to fit; not that I’ve ever seen crows do more than caw or hop about when on the ground. (could that be RAVENS?) There’s a perfectly reasonable reason, I’m sure.

My original ‘crow shoot’ took place at the ocean, where a few were kind enough to show me their aerial acrobatic abilities while I happily pointed and clicked the camera at them.

I got the idea for the work you see above only after taking another shot, also at the ocean, of a number of stark, leafless trees that seem kind of desolate and eerie. The two images seemed made for each other!

Lastly, I’ve begun making a few items available with this motif available at my ‘Z’ spot KLDesignz. Have a look, leave a comment, thanks for stopping by the Obzervashunal!

K’lee L. © 2015

20 thoughts on “New Graphic Imaginings: A Murder of Crows on the Fire Tree

    • Hey, my friend, thank you for that! Funny how sometimes I take pictures and they sit, then inspiration hits and they become part of something I couldn’t have imagined… I guess the trick is to just keep following the inspiration?


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