Nature Photography: Aloe in the Morning

San Francisco's Botanical Garden, Golden Gate Park

San Francisco’s Botanical Garden’s got some amazing aloe plants!
– K’lee L.

I imagine if this aloe plant, found living in San Francisco’s Botanical Garden (inside Golden Gate Park) could give a shout out to the sun for bathing it in the first rays of the morning, it would. Perhaps it does, only we humans are usually on the wrong frequency to hear?

Photography-wise, one of my latest experiments involve tinkering with ‘metering methods’. It’s a way of saying playing around with the settings that handle how the camera’s lens perceives and interprets light sources as we take photos.

Spot metering has become my favorite because it gives me results like the aloe photo you see above. I’ve got this particular image loaded into my kDesignationz site. There you’ll find a few early design interpretations should you care to check them out.

K’lee L. © 2015

11 thoughts on “Nature Photography: Aloe in the Morning

    1. It really is a very cool place with that certain ‘magical’ light during certain hours. Yes, I agree with you, Eva. We humans would benefit in more ways than we realize if we spent more time aligning to those frequencies. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light as always, Eva.:)

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          1. I have tried to leave comments on your newer posts , you changed your theme and I just couldn’t figure out where the comments have to go, so I write over here to let you know that both images are amazing, the Solo Flight is just stunning and you’re right sometimes we need our time to discover ourself for the good. Have a great week~

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          2. Oh, thanks for even wanting to comment, Eva!!! I did change the theme when someone pointed out to me this new one had the ‘scroll-over effect’ that brings color to the panels. A bit of impulsiveness on my part, I’m afraid. I didn’t realize where comments went at first too. Over to the right of the post’s panel is a clickable icon for comments. It’s really easy to miss! I’m glad you like the new images too! I really did feel the message I mentioned right from the start… Hope thinks are evolving positively for you. Have a fantastic week, Eva.

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