KLDesignz Feature of the Day: Girl With A Parasol

girl with a parasol.

timeless beauty, yes?

She’s been with me in photo and painted graphic form for  some time now. I like how so  me photos and or graphics can continue to inspire even when time has passed. In the case of, ‘Girl With A Parasol’, I felt there was something more I could say with a painted graphic photography doesn’t necessarily miss, but expresses and portrays differently.

I guess the main reason I’ve revisited this image is for me, there’s a timeless quality to her beauty. It’s as if she could easily have existed in numerous locations and time frames  throughout history and no one would call her ‘out of place’.

 Girl With A Parasol

Having remade the painted graphic version of the photograph, I decided a few days ago to base a ‘Z’ spot collection around it. The ‘Girl With A Parasol’ Zazzle collection can be foundGirl With A Parasolby K’lee L>here  

Comments, questions, concerns are always appreciated.

K’lee L. © 2015

15 thoughts on “KLDesignz Feature of the Day: Girl With A Parasol

    1. Fortunately, “painted graphic” in this case falls within legal boundaries of adapting/painting/recreating one of my own works (ie. the original photo). I’m curious why you ask? Have you ever had difficulties concerning getting permission using a picture for your work?

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      1. Honestly, I’m not so sure I could explain what made me ask in such a way that it would make sense, or be fitting for a blog comment. Suffice to say my mind wandered and what came of it’s travels was to ask about permissions. I’ve been fortunate so far that copyright and permissions haven’t come up in my work (indie publishing). 🙂

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        1. I have a feeling, Dana you may be presupposing I take offense at the asking or the manner in which you asked? Both assumptions would be wrong, but respectfully so! I’ve taken to reminding my readers that their comments, questions and suggestions are valued and I mean every word of it. It’s good to hear you’ve not run up against copyright or permission issues. I’ve only had one where a fellow blogger, after my asking them to seek out my express permission before using work of mine, didn’t and even went so far as to make a joke of it before removing her comment… I believe the matter has been settled, so all’s good there. Please, keep those questions and comments coming!

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          1. Oh, goodness no – I didn’t think you were offended, I’m just used to my ramblings being misinterpreted, lol, so wasn’t sure I could explain how I got to the question without writing some long comment. And wow, I have no idea how I’d react to someone using my work without permission. *shudders at the thought*.

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          2. I suppose the thing to remember is this: we all do this blogging thing in a virtual world. Most of us have never met or interacted in real life so all things, attitudes, perceptions can be, well, a little ‘different than they seem in front of a screen’? I tend to give a person the benefit of the doubt FIRST. If, as the great Maya Angelou once said: ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time’ – holds true with a negative connection, it’s probably best to move on to higher ground, yes?

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