kDesignationz Feature of the Day: Golden Heron Flies Over San Francisco Skyline

san francisco skyline

… if only herons would do this… just once!

While nature is and always will be incredible in more ways that I can count, occasionally I’ll think up something I’ve yet to see in my waking life.

Solution? Create it myself, or the closest approximation I can think of!

This one’s hanging out at my Redbubble spot, kDesignationz. For a preview of a few of the notions I’ve come up with bearing this motif, you can do the clicky think here

K’lee L. © 2015

10 thoughts on “kDesignationz Feature of the Day: Golden Heron Flies Over San Francisco Skyline

      1. I have had a little look through your work and you’ve created some great images. Really interesting.
        Herons are one of my favourites too. They’re so graceful in flight and on the ground, but all leggy and gangly while landing. I see them all around the reservoir near my home but they usually see me first so seldom from close up.

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        1. Hey, thanks first for making that time to look… I appreciate your doing it. This summer I stumbled on three photographers waiting patiently in a section of our botanical garden with serious cameras at the ready.
          They were all watching a Great Blue Heron hunting for a little ‘gopher breakfast’. I joined them and ended up waiting about twenty to thirty minutes as it basically just stood still.
          Long story short- he finally walked a wide circle; eventually coming back to the original spot. He stopped, cocked his head to the ground, and then dropped his bill down to come up with a gopher!
          To this day I am beyond amazed I even got one good shot the event was so surreal. Once it flew off, we all looked at each other with huge smiles, realizing the magnitude of what had just happened.
          I mention it because I’ve been learning that if you show these stunning birds you respect them and will wait on them, sometimes they chose to reward you… I’ve gotten even better success with the Snowy Egrets and Great Egrets in the past month or so, enough so that I’ve got plans for a book (or two?).

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          1. Lovely story! I’m usually puffing around through mud on a mountain bike so these wily creatures see me before I them! There are a couple of ‘hides’ I should try using sometime. I need to learn the art of patience. 😁

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          2. Yeah, gotta ditch the mountain bike!!! (just for the sake of your photos…) It’s gotten so the egrets will sometimes walk right up to me at the botanical gardens if I remain still. That’s happened three times now even as my knees protested! I’m convinced they know everything we know…

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