Airshow Photography: The Patriot’s Run!

San Francisco's Fleet Week, airshow, President's Day

…if you want a good seat, get here early!
– K’lee L.

It was the last day of a two-day airshow being held here in San Francisco. The Navy’s Fleet Week was finishing up its run through town and I knew the airshows are always a treat worth making time for.

I got to this spot early that Sunday afternoon and good thing, as come show time there were literally thousands of people as far as my eyes could see up and down the stretch of Aquatic Park where the action took place. This is the second time I’ve managed to get to this location to see the performance. I got a good number of great shots because of it, so I’m grateful.

This shot is also being used to commemorate my new online hangout over at Fine Art America! There’s not much in my galleries just yet, but that will change with time. If you’re interested in seeing a few new pieces I’ve got there, here’s a link.

I had a blast shooting this show and I always enjoy taking photos a step further; morphing them into something else.

K’lee L. © 2015

4 thoughts on “Airshow Photography: The Patriot’s Run!

  1. Love air shows, last year I took lots of shots when the Snow Birds came over here, was a fantastic show! Love how you processed the image, the timing of the shot is perfect as well, it’s not easy to catch the right moment given the speed with which they fly by. Great post!

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    1. Thanks, Eva! Is there some possibility seeing some of your Snow Bird shots or have you already posted some? You are right, the speeds they fly at are crazy! I’ve had some practice so knew to be ready and of course where to sit!

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      1. I haven’t posted any on my WP site, just on my personal FB site last year. It was my first attempt to try such a challenge. This summer they came back for another show but as you know I took time of and wasn’t able to do many things. The most amazing part of the air show was the fact that two airplanes made a heart up on the sky and I was able to take shots for the entire formation of that at a lightning speed, I must say I was lucky to get it at all and thrilled at the same time. I will sort out a few of the best shots and posted on my WP site where I post photography one by one probably that you can see it. I really hope next summer we will have them back and will attempt once again with some more experience to get the best shots. Loved the show, it was loud, energetic, full of spectacular tricks and for sure once in a life time kinda experience so I was excited to see your beautiful shot and how you processed the image.
        Have a great weekend~Eva

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        1. No doubt there is something about airshows that defy description except to say they are pure adrenaline-fulled excitement. I look forward to seeing a few of your shots on your photo WP page! I know what you mean about hoping to see these amazing performers again… for me it’s always been worth the wait. I had fun shooting these and trying something a little different in the post-processing. I like challenging myself to find something different to say.
          Have a fantastic week, Eva!

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