Nature Photography: The Changing of the Seasons

exotic flowers, colorful plants, multicolored blossoms, unusual plants

April flowers…

the change of the seasons, autumn colors, exotic flowers

seasons change and always manage to change again…
– K’lee L.

This unusual and beautiful flower made it’s way into a previous post of mine back in the spring. As you can tell from the first photo, the flowers had a decidedly different appearance.  When I found them this second time (in Oakland California’s Lake Merritt Gardens), they’d been touched by Autumn, their vitality and brilliant colors fading with the change of the season.

Oddly, when I did a quick comparison of the two flowers- one shot in April, the other October, I didn’t find the October blooms any less beautiful than their April cousins. They both made me stop and appreciate and they both made me raise the camera for a shot.

The April flowers belonged in an April setting. Every other flower around it possessed just as much Springtime power and potency. Likewise, the October flowers belonged in October, signaling Autumn’s end and the coming of Winter.

My final prognosis?

Nature’s beauty never ceases to amaze… regardless of the season.

Oh, flower number two can also be found at my FAA site, holding up the business and beauty end of things. Here’s a link

K’lee L. © 2015

18 thoughts on “Nature Photography: The Changing of the Seasons

  1. I totally agree with you and much more. Nature is like the fountain of youth where anyone, anytime can recharge, fill up with positive energy, find a deep sense of purpose and calmness of a smoothing kind. The Nature’s circle of life offers a never ending array of astonishing beauty.
    Love how you processed your thoughts on this issue, great work.

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    1. Much appreciated, Eva. Definitely making time to not only make records with photos and graphics, but to consider what I’m being shown and attempt to share that with words. It’s nice to know the words sometimes connect too!


        1. Yes! I suppose the day will come when I/we begin returning more seriously to simply allowing out eyes and heart and spirit do what they were intended for; the seeing, feeling, and embracing those things that move us…? Cheers~


  2. How ironic. This morning while drinking my coffee in the backyard, a hummingbird sipped out of one of our bird of paradise flowers, perched on its very edge for a moment before sipping a bit more, then flew away. Never tire of such wonderful scenes.

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