San Francisco Photography: Meditations in the Moon Viewing Garden

San Francisco's Botanical Garden, Moon Viewing Garden

…soul restoration complete… K’lee L.

Last year I focused lots of my photographic attentions on capturing and shooting the moon as it passed through a number of fascinating phases. This year I’ve had two major photographic fixations: birds and San Francisco’s Botanical Garden.

So far, I’ve managed to get a good number of shots containing both subjects, many of which will find their way into future posts. The shot above is of me as I work on concept shots for an upcoming book. The focus of the book is, well stances like this (part meditative, part yogic, part Martial Arts- thank you, J.) fitted to beautiful, peaceful, natural settings.

The setting above? It’s called the Moon Viewing Garden and, well it speaks for itself and has quickly become a favorite place for me to unwind and get my thoughts right! (not to mention getting my stances right!)

This particular photo can be seen in one other locale. I’ll leave a link here

Here’s hoping the book sees the light of day sometime next year. I’ll post something once it does.

K’lee L. © 2015

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Photography: Meditations in the Moon Viewing Garden

  1. Love the shot, feels very Zen and balanced, it is a perfectly fitting image for your upcoming book, which I may add sounds like a really ambitious project to get into. You’re most disciplined and I know the book will reflect your multi talented personality and will be beautifully illustrated with your signature images. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to see the developments.

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    1. It helps to get your kind of encouragement, Eva. Thank you. It’s a big project… only if I let it become one. My literary aspirations pose the bigger challenge. They are the ones I have to ‘pep talk’ myself on regularly, but I’m moving slowly forward so I should be grateful and am!

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