Macro Photography: Up Close and Personal!

macro photography, close ups of flowers, the color fuschia

gotta do more macro!
– K’lee L.

Like a lot of you who want to do more with your photography, I went out some time ago and bought a dedicated ‘macro’ lens for my camera. Like a lot of you, my intent was to start taking and thereby learning more on how to do those ‘super-close- up’ shots I see and admire all the time.

In the time I’ve had my dedicated macro lens, I admit it’s not seen too much usage after some pretty bad initial attempts with a butterfly show here in town a while ago. (I know I shouldn’t have let a few badly focused butterflies put an end to my macro lessons, but…)

What I’ve since learned is macro photography is like any other form of photography. There are rules and methods – tried and true, which if we use them, the results will eventually begin speaking for themselves.

Is the above photo a ‘perfect’ example of a macro flower shot? (I’m once more indebted to San Francisco’s Botanical Garden!) Probably not, BUT the important thing for me is it’s a step in the right direction and I’m shooting more regularly with my… you guessed it; dedicated macro lens!

I was pleased enough with this photo, I added it to my FAA works where I’ve gotten some decent feedback!

… gotta do more macro!

K’lee L. © 2015

4 thoughts on “Macro Photography: Up Close and Personal!

  1. Nicely done, I do love the intense red with the black background! I love macro photography as well, I don’t have the parts to it so I can imagine isn’t easy to handle, but learning how will surely add some beautiful images to your portfolio! Congrats on your first attempt, wish you a good learning journey and looking forward to see the results of it!
    Have a great weekend~Eva

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    1. Thanks much, Eva! I do have some ‘previous attempts’ posted, but once you make time to learn exactly how it all works and THEN experiment, chances are you’ll like the results a bit more. At least that’s what I’m feeling of late. I’ll definitely keep it going. Hope you have a great weekend too! K.

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  2. Hi K’leel,
    Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog post. I also bought a macro lens for my camera and it took a lot of experimenting and blurry photos before I started getting better. I think I struggled the most with realizing that I was always too close to the subject and just needed to step back a bit. Love your photo by the way, the way the red melts into the background, its very beautiful!

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    1. Thanks, Laura. Yes, you mentioned the one think I probable did way too much early on; get too close when a more discrete distance would suffice! Major work is challenging, but always fun and rewarding when you get it right.

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