More Macro Photography: Halo

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… at the center f the universe.. a Halo of course! – K’lee L.

I mentioned in my last post I’d not been making as much use of my macro lens as I could or even should. Close-up photography is a world unto itself and whether you’re shooting bugs, plants, or any other category, the close up of your subject is bound to surprise you a little.

With that post and those words in mind, here’s a second shot from the same day of shooting as the previous macro post. I can’t tell you right off what the name of the flower is. I can say I thought it unique enough and ‘stand out’ enough to spend a little time examining it and taking a few photos.

Botanical Garden of San Francisco, you never cease to amaze…

K’lee L. © 2015

10 thoughts on “More Macro Photography: Halo

    1. Steven, hey, thanks for that! I tell you, when I saw it the first time… I think I lost my mind for a few seconds, then I remembered I had a camera with a MACRO lens right in my hands. The rest, as they say, is… the photo!

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