10 Reasons Why Being A Blogger Sometimes Sucks

Josh, you ROCk. Don’t ever stop. Even if it’s on another plane of existence… just keep this amazing psyche you possess. This is an awesome post by the way…

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Hello dear reader(s)!

Good thing for me I am a blog-type-thinger, and not a blogger.  Because being a blogger can suck sometimes.  Of course there is the stigma associated with bloggers.  A lot of people wonder who the hell you think you are to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with the world.  Of course, those people usually bitch about bloggers on Facebook, which really is a mini-blogging site in and of itself.

So that particular reason is usually something I can easily dismiss.  Facebook and Twitter do not allow me to post entire short-stories, or poems, or listicles that make the world the better a place.  And by “make the world a better place” what I mean is that they potentially give someone something to pay attention to when wasting their lives.

But there is a darker side to blogging, or blog-type-thinging.  And unfortunately, our dark side does not…

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Being A Blogger Sometimes Sucks

  1. Well, I did not know it all! I did not know there was criticism of the bloggers. I think I’m out … I’m interested in reading posts of blogs that I follow and spent time on it. I might have to spend less time … But I find interesting ideas of the people, even though I do not know these people (only know the blog). I think the bloggers I follow give good opinions about what they know, or what they experience. And call my attention to issues that I had not seen.I enjoyed reading this post!
    Have a good weekend!

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    1. I agree with you, Tania. I think the author, Josh, was simply bringing his thoughts and feelings on the subject of blogging (sometimes!) to this post. I think you can’t go wrong if you post what you enjoy and read/follow those who post topics you find interesting. This is what I try to do. Hope your weekend is going great!

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