Yachts Along the Quay: Dream Filtering Photos

Yachts Along the Quay_dreamtime

…feels like a dream, so I took a picture!

Being the sea and ocean guy I am, yachts tied to the quay wall at the marina are  another favorite spot of mine for the occasional photo. With this one I decided to ‘paint the sky’ in a way rarely (if ever) seen in nature.

I might have gone ‘overboard’ with the saturation, but once done, I figured, ‘no, this is what I was after’. I liked the dream-like effect.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the sky do this once in a while, but I won’t hold my breath!

K’lee L. © 2015

all rights reserved

11 thoughts on “Yachts Along the Quay: Dream Filtering Photos

  1. Going “over board” is a good thing once in a while just like the once in the “blue moon” and honestly I like to go places with my imagination, it makes it far more interesting and let’s us see what really lies underneath all that surface.The end vision is beautiful, wouldn’t change a thing, it reflects back just like a mirror.

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    1. Swamiyesudas, I am honored you appreciate my work enough to use it as wallpaper. I ask only one thing: If others ask, please be so kind as to point them to my site and the post you found it on? Your doing so helps me immensely and possibly brings further appreciation to my work. This is how we can build true community here on WordPress.

      Warm Regards,


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