Musical Icons: A Graphical Tribute to Janet


Janet the Icon

…there can only be ONE.

This is my first graphical tribute to the legendary Ms. Janet Jackson. (All respect to her current marital status, but …well you understand.) I’ve been working on getting this right for a while and finally settled on a couple merged ideas.

When you think about it, there aren’t too many people who are known worldwide by their first name alone. Janet Jackson is certainly one of those people. Songstress, dancer, actress, youngest child of a musical dynasty family. It always seemed to me Janet Jackson was the ‘complete package’ in that she knew how to create success in whatever artistic challenge she took on. That she’s lasted in a business known for breaking many a creative souls is a testament to her drive, fortitude, and focus, and determination

I won’t list them here, but a quick search should reveal a pretty massive list of accomplishments within the realm of all-time music stars. I don’t imagine having Michael Jackson as a brother to emulate hurt too much either.

She’s got a new tour happening this year into next which is the main reason she’s back in the spotlight. I for one am glad to see it and in honor of her ‘musical return’ in 2015, I offer this tribute.

It’s good to see you back on the musical scene, Janet. Long may you reign.

K’lee L. © 2015

9 thoughts on “Musical Icons: A Graphical Tribute to Janet

  1. I’ve got to say I’m not a massive fan, although I did like the Control album, (which sadly hasn’t aged too well) but I’ve always thought Ms Jackson was a genuinely decent and “real” person, for one who is SO famous.

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    1. I get the feeling within the world of the ‘super famous’, managing to maintain a true sense of self is the bigger success every time. I’m also thinking even within her core fan base, not every song she created was loved equally. There were certainly songs and albums as a whole I liked better than others, but for me, the artist willing to try new things, create without boundaries- they win my respect ever time. Ms. Jackson feels like this type of artist to me, hence the tribute.

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      1. It’s a shame that she appears to have gone down the plastic surgery route too. If you look at her around the time she did Black or White with her brother, she was absolutely gorgeous. Now she looks….well,…not so gorgeous, let’s put it like that.
        So many beautiful women get more attractive as they become older but nowadays they don’t even seem to give themselves the chance to find that out, it’s a great shame.


        1. There’s the possibility she has done more. But, like Michael and other members of her famous family, she changed her looks back then (right after ‘Control’, I believe) and also changed by getting serious about managing her fluctuating weight. It seems one more trial that level of fame places on both men and women (especially). Too many end up struggling with self-esteem issues, never realizing their true beauty has little to do with physical attributes.

          She may look like she’s had more work done, but at fifty, she’s still with us… working that ‘Janet’ magic.

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    1. Thank you, Eva. You touched on what I appreciate and respect most about her; she handled her business through all these years and at fifty is still an accomplished and beautiful woman and entertainer known and loved the world over.

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