Ocean Photography: The Fantasy Curve

Rolling in the Deep_curved

I know I talk lots about both the ocean and the morning here at Obzervashunal. Both topics continue to mean a lot to me is the best reason I can give.

Heading down to the ocean this particular morning, I had no idea the surf would be both hyper-active and LOUD. Naturally, with camera in hand, I knew I needed to investigate up-close-and-personal. This meant climbing up and around Ocean Beach’s Sutro Baths. (Not for the faint at heart during high tide.)

The wave before this one was easily fifteen feet or more in height. How do I know? Well, my need to investigate bought me right up to the shoreline as it was making it’s way towards me.

Luckily, I snapped out of my ‘completely in awe’ mode in time to climb a neighboring configuration of rocks before the show got too close. Needless to say, this shot was taken from the safety of the rock pile.

Now, while this was also something of a monster wave, my decision to tack a bit of effect on it in photographic post production makes it look more menacing than it actually was.

Oddly enough, there were no surfers at the beach that morning. Do you think they knew something I didn’t?

K’lee L. © 2015

15 thoughts on “Ocean Photography: The Fantasy Curve

  1. WOW, awesomely beautiful, powerful, supernatural!!! Love how you edited, a very high visual impact leaving us gasp for air thinking how close you got to it! Your game paid of and I’m glad you survived the endeavor of getting dangerously close! Very risky and probably that what the surfers considered a NO, NO for the day! Most IMPRESSIVE and a favorite for me! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks so much, Eva! I’m definitely getting more fearless in my old age- at least with the camera in hand! When the ocean starts to churn here it’s always worth witnessing firsthand. Funny, it wasn’t until I’d walked half a mile to where I usually see surfers to realize there were none. That’s when the bulb in my head went off.


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