Black and White Graphics: Winter’s Melody

Winter's Melody_wm

We here in Northern California may not get the full on super cold, snowy, blustery winter goings-on weather- wise, (it is raining here as I type!) but that’s never stopped me from ‘envisioning’ winter environs or occasionally creating art which reflects those envisioned scenarios.

I call this piece, ‘Winter’s Melody’ because once I was through stripping all color from the original photograph, (picture sunny morning, blue water, green grass- that kind of thing…) I felt the result came close to resembling a lone bird, a snowy egret by the way, making its way over a winter pond… maybe with some soft piano chords for accompaniment. Ahem, I had to add the snow for additional verisimilitude…

“Winter’s Melody’ can also be found on my FAA site. My hope is to get several ‘winter/holiday-based’ pieces up and about… because it’s winter and the holidays and stuff…

K’lee L. © 2015

10 thoughts on “Black and White Graphics: Winter’s Melody

    1. Interesting, Dana. Very interesting… The image is an actual snowy egret; a long legged and white-winged bird leaping into the air in front of my camera as a trio of guys approach (noisily!) from the right.
      …a dancer in a feathered costume… very interesting!

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