Winter’s Light: Another Foray into Black and White Graphics

Winter's Light_wm

With my last post, ‘Winter’s Melody’ up and running, I figured I could and should add the second piece in the ‘series’ sooner rather than later. Similar in look and feel to ‘Winter’s Melody’ is this second work titled, ‘Winter’s Light’.

I again base the graphic on one of many snowy egret photos I now have in my bird photo arsenal and also like the previous work, after stripping out all color and adding the aforementioned snow… I found myself feeling a real winter look comes through.

I’m thinking both these pieces carry with them remnants of the bright morning light I photographed them in. I’m happy that quality translated somewhat in both the black and white conversion and the graphic translation process.

As with ‘Winter’s Melody’, you can find this one at my FAA site as well. I’m looking to add more soon.

K’lee L. © 2015

8 thoughts on “Winter’s Light: Another Foray into Black and White Graphics

  1. Now with this one, more of the bird comes through…I’m still seeing a dance though ;-). Are there going to be more in this ‘series’? I’m envisioning a set of three prints hanging in my (eventual) dinning room or over the headboard in the (also eventual) guest bedroom.

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