Graphics Monday: I’m Holding Up the Sky!

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…so you don’t have to… at least for today…
K’lee L. ©2014

Another re-post of a graphic I did… on a Monday some time ago. The view is of San Francisco’s Presidio area. There’s a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge hanging out over to my left in the picture. Sorry I couldn’t fit it into the shot.

If I’m remembering rightly, I had just finished a bike ride which began over said bridge somewhere in the vicinity of ‘oh-dark-thirty’ and decided to stop for a swig of water, a breather, and to watch the sun rise a bit higher in the sky. A little arm stretching somehow got me thinking along the following lines:

I don’t know if I’d ever want the job of holding up the sky like the immortal giant Atlas in Greek Mythology did. Something tells me it’s heavy, cold, and unless you’re standing directly in the middle, it’s going to tilt to one side on a regular basis.

I bet when the day was done and your shift finally over, your back would hurt something awful. If you were taking Atlas’ shift, you couldn’t go home to hang out with family, friends or other immortals… seeing how your ‘shift’ is all eternity… not cool.

He did bring this punishment on himself by going against the wishes of Zeus, king of the gods; daring to give mankind the gift of FIRE. I imagine he wishes (on a regular basis) he could take that one back?

No. I’ll stick to PRETENDING I’m holding up the sky, that way when I’m beginning to feel the first whispering of fatigue, I can just stop pretending, put my arms down without worrying what’s going to happen to the sky when I do. I’d then be free to finish my bike ride as was the case in this shot!

K’lee L.©2014

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