Doing the Digital: Lake Merritt Under Glass

Lake Merritt Panorama_glass

I’ve always enjoyed taking a standard photo and attempting something ‘new’. Lately, I’ve been doing more of this type of work simply because of the ‘pleasure factor’.

‘Lake Merritt Under Glass’ is one of my recent examples. Ironically, while Oakland California’s Lake Merritt is only a ‘hop-skip-and a jump’ away from San Francisco, I’ve only recently started bringing my camera over for a few shots.

I caught this scene on a clear, sunny day, BUT once home checking out the photos, I decided to add a ‘glass’ distortion along with a little light filtering to bring out the gold metallic coloring in the buildings. It didn’t hurt having a still lake reflecting it all as a mirror image!

I guess the real point of this post is to say: Dare to experiment. Dare to try new things; new interpretations of your work. Who knows, you might come up with something(s) that surprise even you!

This piece is also a part of a series I’m starting over at my FAA site. Have a look-see if you’re so inclined!

K’lee L. © 2015

28 thoughts on “Doing the Digital: Lake Merritt Under Glass

  1. I love adding effects to images! Very nice “looking through water” effect here. 🙂 Just be careful down at Lake Merritt. There have been a lot of camera thefts going on there. A shame because I adore it there. Next time you go, stop in at Christ the Light Church. It’s a BIG WOW inside!

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    1. Thanks so much and thanks for the heads up, Laura. That is a shame to hear with it being such a beautiful spot. I will also stop in the Christ the Light Church. Now I’m very interested to see it. Can you take photos?


        1. Really! It’s an amazing spot, especially when it’s sunny (which luckily is more than San Francisco can say! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to start photographing it. I guess it’s never too late…

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  2. This for me has a lovely renaissance vibe in a very modern way. Fabulous work, love the glass effect which is more prominent around the structures and that is smart framing. You certainly had some vision in your head and worked it out to a great result. Never ever stop daring because the result speaks and reflects back (just as the lake) of who you are!

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      1. Thank you kindly for asking about me K’lee. It feels good to know that you care. I do not complain, I’m just very grateful for every day given and trying to concentrate only on important things which fill my days with happiness. My creative light burns and always will, that is a thread which keeps me hanging on so I try hard to hold it as long as possible.
        Sending you best wishes for this holiday season as well my friend!


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