Lake Merritt Photography: The Pelican Trio

Pelican Trio_wm

Another favorite foto from the Lake Merritt ‘cool birds’ catalog. These three are white pelicans. Needless to say, they are a show unto themselves whenever they arrive on the scene. It could also be I feel that way because for me, they’re kinda new and exciting.

Their fishing methods, a dipping of the head underwater, surfacing to allow the water to stream out and hopefully keeping any captured fish, is a synchronized dance quite something to watch.

On a different day I actually managed to snap a few shots of these majestic birds taking wing and their huge wingspan is another reason to keep the camera at the ready.

Beautiful winter wildlife and an Oakland, California Lake Merritt showstopper without a doubt!

As with the previous post’s image, this trio is available in a variety of ways over at my FAA site.

K’lee L. © 2015

6 thoughts on “Lake Merritt Photography: The Pelican Trio

  1. Love the image and how the light is playing back from the feathers. Even do this birds are somewhat clumsy at times in this shot they look very graceful and elegant. Performing pirouettes around each-other they form lovely water ripples echoing all around them, wonderful moment caught with your camera.

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    1. Thank you, Eva. They were the slowest moving birds in the entire lake, just taking their time searching for a morning snack or full on breakfast. I’m glad I caught them with ‘high light’ as it let me shoot faster for sharper images. Each time I head over to this amazing spot, Nature seems to gift me with something new. I’m grateful.

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