Trapped in the Matrix!

OK, I can’t help it, I see a group of buildings reflected in a twisty-curvy way through some high-rise glass panels and instantly- ‘THE MATRIX’.

I know I’m not the only one… come on, admit it, if you know the movie- if you loved the movie (first one…first one!) you know this image. It should be an image grafted on your memory banks or some such thing.

I took this shot years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia on a day made for outdoor photography. (The photo is older than the copyright suggests…) My camera at the time? A ‘point-and-shoot 3.2 megapixel 10x optical zoom Canon, ah, but a great little camera for its time.

Over the life of this blog, I’ve used a number of photos from my little Canon and you know what? Those shot still hold up. I mean you can’t compare a 3.2 megapixel shot to a 16-24 megapixel shot, but every so often it doesn’t matter. I didn’t take this shot to win anything. I took it because it gave me a visual memory of a great scene from an action movie I still love to this day.

… go figure?

I originally titled this, ‘Trapped in the Matrix’ again, for the memories I tie to the movie of the same name and I thought it was a cool Vancouver, BC image. I can’t say what I’d do if a group of buildings actually did the twisty/curvy thing as I walked past… a REAL trapped in the matrix scenario?

…I’m not so sure I’d be thinking about getting the shot or how it reminds me of the movie?

K’lee L.

2 thoughts on “Trapped in the Matrix!

  1. Love that movie, I have actually the whole set of it, and once in a while I revisit them! Cool picture, I can see your imagination associating the visuals, that is what is happening very often, we see things differently with our minds and play them out accordingly.

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