Winter Graphics: A Time To Look Inward

colorful bird photography graphics

As is the case with a number of my photos, I enjoy reworking the original into something a bit more graphics-based. I suppose in some way, it’s my means of ‘drawing’ the original image and I can add, I do sometimes draw when the mood strikes me. Usually, I don’t have the extra patience for hand-drawing even though I’ve yet to be disappointed by the effort. I’m more likely to use several methods which give me close to the same effect.

The ‘graphic’ above; a small tropical bird seeming to hide behind his feathers, became the subject of one of my experiments sometime last year. I’ve drawn him up and out of my archives to re-post today as a representative of Winter. December twenty-first, today, is the first day of winter and in my way of thinking it heralds a time when I become less ‘action-based’ and more introspective. My goals through the winter months don’t necessarily change, but I do spend far less time outdoors appreciating nature or biking- two things I enjoy more in the Spring through Fall. I tend to do less photography in winter as well… maybe that should change?

So, with all that said, here’s to introspection; to looking within ourselves for answers we ordinarily seek outside. I guess I also have the excuse for not being outdoors too much these days because the predictions of a rainy Northern California winter are coming true. The rain is needed so I won’t complain (too much!). I’ll use the time as wisely as I’m able as I look inward and forward to the return of my favorite season, Spring!

K’lee L. © 2015


10 thoughts on “Winter Graphics: A Time To Look Inward

    1. Wow! I thought I had replied and…looks like I missed it, D. I thank you for both the liking of the title and your comment on the pic&text. As always, you are much appreciated…


    1. Hey, thanks for the support, Tamirae! Just trying to create something a little different. I suppose the actual photo as a comparison could help too! That will be an upcoming post!


  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about when I refer to IMAGINATION and let it flow free, just beautiful, it totally flows in his own universe! Wonderful thoughts accompany this stunning as you say “reworked” master piece, I guess we all feel the same way about natures timing influencing our mood and rearranging our daily routines. A very creative way to beat the winter blues which is going to hang around for while! I just say, maybe, just maybe you should try the pencil drawing as well, would be delightful to see the results 🙂 , but if not this type of creativity is most impressive and highly enjoyable to follow! Thanks for this wonderful post!

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    1. Thanks, Eva for your continued support. It really means a lot. Yes, I believe we all feel some degree of the need to withdraw or maybe even just slow down a bit come winter. Winter, really all the seasons work a mighty potent magic on me so finding a way to express it creatively helps balance thing out, I guess. As for the drawings? I have not forgotten I communicate with a Master Illustrator!!! I know it’s not about any form of comparison, but I’ll need to boost the drawing confidence up a few levels before taking on that task! (I will dig into my hand drawn archives and see if something might foot the bill?) Glad you liked the post!

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