Need For Speed: Ferrari Fantasies

I don't need to be behind the wheel to still have the fantasy... K.L. © 2014needforspeed exotic classic


K.L. ©2014

I never say never to most things in life. In that list, I include the Ferrari in these three shots. It’s hands down one of my favorite ‘exotic’ cars. I like everything about it; the color, the aerodynamic shape of the chassis, and of course the ridiculous speeds this baby can reach in an equally ridiculous amount of seconds.

I won’t be adding ‘true specs’ to this post. Those can be found in posts written by more serious enthusiast with a mind and pen for the numbers involved. My short/sweet post is about my enjoyment being around these beautiful beasts of rubber and steel and of course the photos taken during said times.

2014 found me doing a good bit of photography at a monthly exotic car gathering known as, ‘Coffee and Croissants’ here, by the water along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. I’m choosing to re-post shots from one of those shows today.

Lucky for me the weather was nice enough to bike down to the event and, being one of the earliest to arrive, to spend time getting lots of photos of all the cars.

I complain to a good friend of mine how I’m not built for winter; not the kind he spends on the East Coast, or the decidedly less frigid winters found here in Northern California.

On this, the second day of winter, I find myself longing for the return of outdoor events such as this. I can be patient though. At least I have a cool reminder to share of an unassumingly sleek, fast, black machine at the Coffee and Croissant Show, my Ferrari Fantasy indeed!

K’lee L. © 2014/2015

9 thoughts on “Need For Speed: Ferrari Fantasies

    1. I tell you, this event really is something special. The coffee and croissants are free to all, the owners are actually cool and welcoming to questions, photos, AND allowing we the spectators to actually sit in their cars… All this and situated by the water on a sunny day… couldn’t ask for more… well, then again I could ask for that shiny Ferrari, I suppose?

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