The Hard and Beautiful Truth of Christmas

I found this beautiful yet powerful reminder over at Balancinggal. Very nice… had to reblog!


The Holidays and Christmas time can be a tough one for many.  The holidays are filled with emotions good and bad.  Not everyone has their family with them, some are alone, frightened and scared.  Many won’t get a single present, and  never have.  Others have lost dear ones, family members, and even children.  The media is full of hateful things and terrors committed that are heartbreaking. These days can feel dark and seem hopeless.

But you are not alone.  Others walk through darkness with you; still others have walked that path before you.  Remember a young, pregnant girl, about to give birth, uncomfortable and in pain, forced to travel by night in hiding, scared and uncertain.  She travels with a companion, a man taking responsibility for a Baby that by all accounts isn’t his, terrified the child will come before there is shelter,  there rejection all around.  No one will let them…

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