Nature Photography: Sutro Clouds, Sun, and Sea

Sutro Clouds Sun and Sea

Every so often a nature shot, even one of my beloved ocean after a mighty rain storm, doesn’t pack enough of a ‘wallop’ for me to let it stand on its original photographic footing.

More is needed…

The rainstorm responsible for the conditions in this shot happened the night and day before, so the notion of making my way down to the sea on the following late afternoon/evening was a powerful one. I bought the ‘serious camera’ hoping for bright bits of sun, cool, puffy clouds, and wind swept seas…

I got my wish, but you know… it just wasn’t enough- I knew I wanted a little more.

Now, I’ve reworked, filtered, and ‘colorized’ photos in the past in hopes of lending them highlights Mother Nature never intended. This one, while it did get some treatments; sort of a ‘dream’ quality in my mind, I didn’t feel a need to take it all too far overboard. What you’re seeing is very close to what my eyes saw when I took the shot.

I did darken this one down a little as the sun was still pretty bright for a late afternoon, but it feels right now, this semi-panorama of San Francisco’s Sutro Baths, which overhang Ocean Beach.

Oddly enough, it’s an amazingly moody place regardless of weather conditions. I’m glad I caught it after the rains and before the portrait of sun, clouds, and sea were nothing but a faded memory in the coming night.

K’lee L. © 2015

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