Happy New Year: Gliding into 2016!

Wind Rider_wm

Twenty sixteen, 2016, ’16. However you name the sixteenth year of the current century, today is the first day of a brand new year. I personally tend to get excited by even years, especially those holding the Olympic Games. Shame we have to wait until summer…

Here’s hoping everything you’ve envisioned for yourself, family, and friends in twenty sixteen comes to pass as easily and effortlessly as the egret in the photo above glides above water…

K’lee L. © 2015

47 thoughts on “Happy New Year: Gliding into 2016!

  1. What a beautiful image to start the New Year with! Love the contrast of the white feathers against the dark blue water and golden reflections, just a stunning capture! I’m more then excited as well to start a new one and just as you I LOVE the Olympics (especially the summer ones),it has all my favorite sports and is always such a special event to watch! Anyway, hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration and the year 2016 will be filled with everything you wished and imagined and more like happiness, health, peace and lots of laughter! So cheers to that and Happy New Year!!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Eva! Glad you like this one. I’m still surprised I caught it as I spent the first seconds with mouth open forgetting I had the camera! Yes, the Summer Olympics are always on my list of things to watch. I sure wish I was heading to Rio, but maybe not this time?
      As for New Year’s Eve celebrations- these days I like keeping them on the quiet side- a good meal, a glass or two of Spanish Cava, and a good night sleep! I have lots of big ideas for 2016 creatively as I bet you do too, so it’s all about getting the mind and vision ready. Thanks for all the good wishes. I send each one back to you and hope to see more of your photo and illustrative work in 2016.
      Happy New Year!

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      1. Thanks, I sure wish I was heading to Rio as well…
        Looking forward to 2016 to see the ideas which you’re never short of and with your imagination I can only predict it is going to be delightful.
        Cheers to new ideas, to the New Year and to the Olympics! 🙂


  2. All the best to you and yours, K’lee. You’re such a wellspring of creativity and curiosity, that I can’t help but be inspired by your passion. I look forward to seeing/reading more of your work his year. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Steven, more than my words can say. In some ways, I feel as if I’m only now being introduced to my passion and creative nature as they truly are… and I love what I’m seeing. I look forward to making 2016 ‘my year’ in the sense of expressing and celebrating my art fearlessly. This certainly includes finally getting my FIRST novel published and released into the world!

      I’m glad to have found you and your words last year. You have a distinctive, clear, cool voice. I’ve no doubt those traits, which not everyone manages to develop, will serve you well in 2016 and beyond. I look forward to reading more of your work and enjoying more of your fantastic photography! Keep that side of you going too. Your images work well with your writing. Who knows, perhaps there’s a work combining the two brewing inside of you?

      Here’s hoping we both uncover more of ourselves this year and effortlessly put those discoveries to great use!


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      1. I really believe any artistic expression can elevate a person. It raises their confidence and sensitivity to the world around them. I’ve been a writer for most of my life, and have a box full of stuff in the attic that I’ve never shared. It took Ordinary Handsome to give me the confidence I was lacking. It was the breakthrough I needed, and gave me the trust in myself to grow. The confidence is there (confidence, never arrogance… art is too slippery and transient to take for granted), and I trust my judgment. It took awhile. All this to say, trust your judgment and interpretive skills. You have them. Your breakthrough is coming. Passion is the fire, and hard work is the kindling. I hope that this is the year you soar!

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        1. ‘Passion is the fire, and hard work is the kindling’… Amazing words to live by, Steven. Thank you for this, my friend. Those words will become a mantra for me. As I head out for some morning exercise, know you’ve truly inspired me today.

          Let’s both soar this year!

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    1. Thank you.my friend! Here’s hoping 2016 brings you much happiness and success in all you do. You have been such an inspirational force for me and many others. Thank you for your Spirit and compassion.


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