Nature Photography:Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday Today Tomorrow_wm

I don’t suppose I’ll ever NOT want to experiment on some of the photos I take. I know I’m not the only one who does it. I’ve said it before- I’ll say it again: It’s as if the original composition could and should be expressed in more than one way… I guess…

The bluer and hence truer version of this photo can be found over on my FAA site, but I admit, as much as I love the coolness, the steeliness, the ‘distance’ inherent in many shades of blue, warming a photo up with a splash of orange or gold is equally pleasing to my eye.

It doesn’t hurt to have three willing subjects such as this trio of snowy egrets posing… or meditating… or resting… to make the picture complete.

Here’s a thought I just had: I named this, ‘Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’ while it was only a blue version. Perhaps the nostalgic feel of the title comes through more with the added gold???

…just saying…

K’lee L. © 2015/2016

34 thoughts on “Nature Photography:Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

        1. Thank you, Francisco. More than anything, I’m learning to be patient and wait until the shot feels right. In this you can’t go wrong! You are also a good photographer. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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  1. I love the title! I understand your mixed feelings, and even I can’t help but feel that in the end, it’s all right. It’s your work and if you’re happy, well, I guess then it’s okay.

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    1. Thanks, Sheth for the appreciation. It’s funny, I use to be very much against ‘reworking’ my photos or graphics. It’s an attitude that used to also make my writing more of a ‘challenge’ as writers know… it’s all in the rewrite. Of late it’s less an issue as I remind myself just to stay open to the process- no judgement, no points lost for the reconfiguration of the originals! As a result of loosening my reins, there’s a whole body of reworked works in my archives that I’m OK with.

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      1. Yup! Sometimes, our conscience gets the better of us and we just have to tell ourselves to go ahead with what feels right. 🙂 And I loved the title so much, that I forgot to tell you that the photograph and the effect you have created is amazing, too and that’s what makes the title special.

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  2. What I would say is that creative experiment, actually adds to the character of a photo, in your image is very much so. Sometimes I feel the same way about a shot, it needs something, a different color, different texture, a change of some sort to express perhaps myself. It is in my creative nature to add, layer and play with my imagination, I can’t stop it. That little fellow sitting on my shoulder bothering me like “go ahead do it, have some fun”. I like and enjoy the process and I’m not alone, thanks God. I do not worry about it , I’m not a professional photographer and this “hobby” which I picked up recently is very engaging and fits my creativity box perfectly. I have always enjoyed your take on photography and you do have a certain “style” which is like a signature, that is something we all develop over a period of time, it becomes a personality of it’s own.
    This is a most beautiful “experiment” with a lot of character, including the title (which can be a subject and debated on an other occasion). Love those birds, they seem to have a lot of personality and it looks they know how to pose as well. Over all it is a most wonderful capture sprinkled with your personal touch and I love it!

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    1. Thanks so much, Eva! Your words and wisdom mean a lot. You sum it up perfectly with the idea of the ‘muse’ on our shoulder whispering direction…or is that inspiration? I’m definitely learning to let that ‘style’ develop and be what it wants without any rumblings from my ‘logical brain’. I was just telling someone, I’m thankful these birds remained still long enough for me to first admire them, and then frame a few photos! I think that part of the creative process is becoming more pronounced for me as well; the ‘take time to appreciate’ part. I hope others will read your fantastic break down of this process. Your sense of what it’s all about is second to none!

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    1. Wow. Thank you so much for your support! 2015 was no doubt the ‘year of the egret and heron’ for me as they simply kept showing up in my periphery. I’ve ended up with so many shots I’m happy with, I’m putting them together in book format as we speak. I’m thinking to add some of the ‘graphic-styled’ pieces as well. They speak to the incredible nature of these birds just as much as the photos do… in my humble obzervashun!

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          1. I’m of a like mind. The first photo book I created arrived in the mail and for a ‘short while’ I couldn’t do much besides hold it and flip pages! That’s me and books, though!

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    1. Thanks, Laura. Yes, I’m out to explore in all ways available to me. Maybe it’s not necessary all the time, but when the mood strikes… Hey, I think you were the only one who noticed what I did with the FAA… Um, you um… Didn’t tell me if it worked? (Just kidding!)

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