Morning Rain Chases Sun on the Embarcadero

Morning Rain Chases Sun on the Embarcadero

I actually did believe for the first five minutes or so of walking down San Francisco’s always cool-looking Embarcadero, the sun would win the battle for the skies; relegating the dark clouds drifting along the horizon to some other quadrant of the Bay Area.

I was wrong in my belief.

Thankfully, I didn’t take the amazing light shining through the clouds for granted- I stopped and snapped a few shots before it vanished.

Is this a photo? Well, no. It’s a ‘painted graphic’ based on the actual photo I took that morning. More circumstantial evidence I MUST experiment!

As with my post. ‘Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’, you can check out and actually purchase(!) a similar version of this shot on my FAA site. The lighting effect is a bit more pronounced and I’m still in a ‘sun-induced silhouette’, but crouching instead of standing. I also gave that one a bit of a ‘plastic feel’. (experiment… experiment… experiment!)

As a side note, it really was mere minutes later the gorgeous sunlight faded; replaced by brooding cloud cover and eventually fat drops of rain.

Clouds- 1

Sun- …I’ll let you decide?

K’lee L. © 2015/2016

14 thoughts on “Morning Rain Chases Sun on the Embarcadero

    1. Thanks, Dale and truly I am grateful… but… I tell you what, give me a moment or two to consider the award? I’m notoriously ‘ill-equipped’ at taking them on, BUT I will as I said consider it because it’s coming from you- someone who I equally appreciate and respect for the great conversations we’ve had as well as your own fascinating works. Either way, it’s an honor just that you thought of me for an award… wow!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I quite understand.
        I don’t always accept the more generic ones, but I like the sentiment behind this award and it didn’t come with any contrived terms and conditions like so many of them do.
        Tell you what, why not just pick a few blogs you especially like and add links to them in one of your posts. It’s all about the blogging community for me and I think letting people discover something new is part of our service to the internet at large.

        Whatever you decide, I’m very glad to have met you through blogging and hope that I’ve allowed some other people to do the same.


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        1. Please, Dale, don’t get me wrong either. Like you, I like the sentiment behind this award as well. I think anytime someone honors another blogger in this way it’s a great day for the Internet as a whole and lends a bit of balance to some of the more ‘unsavory’ sectors out there.
          I’d also add that as far as supporting others via channels like reblogging, leaving likes, and comments- I’m all about that and do all three on a regular basis. Again, like you, I see it as validating our virtual community here on WordPress as well as lending a boost of inspiration to newer members who have yet to find their feet as bloggers.
          I tell you what I will do: I’ll get a post together and include, as you suggested, links to some of the blogs/people who have inspired me, intrigued me,or just made me laugh or think on things more. This idea I like quite a lot. It’s not an easy task, seeings how I follow/enjoy/appreciate/respect the people behind a lot of blogs here, but I said I’d do it and do it I shall!
          My greatest hope is in my not ‘officially’ accepting the award won’t cause me to lose my fantastic connection to YOU. I truly do appreciate what we’ve managed to build and I hope that can go on?

          You Rock, Dale. (…but you already knew that…?)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. But of course! That’s a marvellous idea. If you look at my awards category and see how I’ve refused to conform to most of the rules (or, more often disregarded them altogether) when I’ve been nominated for other awards, you’ll know I’m one who loves giving things a new spin.

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