Article: 18 Habits Of Highly Creative People


Here’s another one of those fantastic (for me anyway) articles coming at you via my Flipboard reader. It’s titled: 18 Habits Of Highly Creative People. It’s written by Carolyn Gregoire, Senior Health & Science Writer for The Huffington Post.

I figured I’d give a linking here on WordPress seeings how I get to interact with so many amazingly creative people like… well, like YOU, for instance!

If nothing else, I invite you to take a look, those of you curious about the habits of highly creative people. See how many of these habits you utilize in your daily?

If you do, why? If you don’t… well, why not?

Posted by K’lee L. @ Obzervashunal

22 thoughts on “Article: 18 Habits Of Highly Creative People

  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing! I have actually never thought about as “habits”, but quite a few of these 18 fit right into my creative routine. I always get this question of how you do it, can you give me some advise, where your ideas coming from and so on, this article has the answer “I connect the dots” but don’t ask me where the dots coming from.They are already on my sheet invisible but I CAN see it, so I take my pencil and I’m in “the zone”, out of nowhere it appears. I can’t force creativity if it is a must, that is presetting me for failure, a total disaster and waisted paper! I work on my on hours, night is what fits me, actually I don’t even have the perception of “time” if I create, I’m getting sucked into a void so deeply where everything ceased to exist including time. Love it, love to be in the zone is a wonderland of the most beautiful kind. Outside that zone I daydream, observe all kind of things, love people watching and many more from those 18 habits. I believe every creative human being works out a “habit” they go by, on the end the most important thing is to express yourself. The article puts it in the right perspective “Creative expression is self-expression”, an internal desire to express is the motivation, add inspiration which can come from anything, anywhere, anytime and imagination as tools to accomplish connecting the dots!
    I really enjoyed your article about “habits”, made me think and take a closer look at my own “routine”, once again thanks for sharing, you always add something interesting to my day when you post!

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