Ocean Photographics: Mandala Creations by the Sea

Mandala by the Sea_metal ice

…I was one of many held spellbound as this artist did his thing! – K’lee L.

I’ve been to the ocean on several occasions and seen these beautiful, mysterious works of art show up in the sand. This was however, only the second time I watched the artist in the creation process.Mandalas they’re called; drawings bearing a certain spiritual significance.  (The word is Sanskrit and originated in India.)

I wasn’t alone in the watching its creation as there were about fifty- sixty people nearby. What was really cool about this is when the artist stepped away from what felt like a finished piece, everyone burst into loud applause, to which said artist rose to his feet, looked up at us, and took a bow!

Needless to say, the day was NOT this blue! In actuality, it was kind of overcast in preparation for the return of rain a few hours later.

Experimentation… the color BLUE… with me they sometimes go hand-in-hand.

K’lee L. © 2015

30 thoughts on “Ocean Photographics: Mandala Creations by the Sea

    1. Picture this:

      Stormy, noisy ocean in the background, brooding clouds churning overhead with the threat of rain, and here’s this guy in beachcomber shorts with bare feet and a garden rake in his hand. Cool, calm, just taking his time doing it the way he wants. I honestly don’t think he was aware anyone was watching until we all cheered.

      It was absolutely amazing, Josh!

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        1. Nice! We have that in common. I’m not sure what it is, but no other color pulls me out of my ‘angst’ like blue… If that makes sense? And when I head to the ocean, it’s all but a spiritual experience every time. Stormy seas just makes it more so.

          Having witnessed this, I’m now thinking about the mandalas I’ve created months ago… Might just have to post a few of those!

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    1. I’m telling you, Kim, this really was something worth witnessing! It was as though the sun held off setting and the rain held off falling just so he could finish and we could witness it. Amazing stuff!


  1. Beautiful. There is something so interesting about beach art to me. Because even as the artist creates, he/she knows it’s temporary and the sea will wipe it away. So the creation is almost entirely about the process and not the product. Though this is stunning 🙂

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    1. I absolutely agree! Watching this guy calmly go about creating this, knowing the rain was on its way, yet never rushing- just giving himself over to the creative process. I’m convinced the sixty or so of us watching cheered at its completion for this very reason.
      I do sort of wish I could show and give him a copy of my ‘blue version’ so he’d know I was inspired to create from his being inspired! Who knows, one day the opportunity might just present itself?

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  2. Most impressive powerful piece. Love the interconnecting design, looks like a fine mechanical clock showing the endless flow of time, the no beginning no end time space continuum.
    What a wonderful experience that must be to see the process, I only saw once over here a very simple design so this piece is way more complicated and beautiful. Your “blue” take on it makes it even more powerful and beautiful, is super perfect with a special vibe to it. Thanks for sharing K’lee, you always deliver beautiful images.

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    1. Thanks so much, Eva. I like your take on this: the linking it to time and the space continuum! What imagination you possess!
      Yes, seeing the process was very inspiring, especially with the artists’ easy-going attitude. Glad you liked the blue effect!

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