Further Meditations in the Moon Viewing Garden

Glassed Meditations  A Self Portrait

The ‘Moon Viewing Garden’, housed within San Francisco’s massive Golden Gate Park, is a favorite spot of mine. There’s a sense of peace I feel even from a distance as I approach every time I approach.

This photo is cousin to another I posted a while back from the same location. Big thanks to D. for convincing me the perfect morning light does NOT last all morning and getting up and out the door a little earlier than I’m sometimes used to can occasionally be worth the pain! (joking, D.!)

Ultimately, I like the way it turned out. The ‘glass paneled’ effect was my idea, inspired by a series I’m currently putting together over at my FAA spot. (this piece isn’t part of that collection…but who knows?)

More Moon Viewing shots on the way!

K’lee L. © 2016

13 thoughts on “Further Meditations in the Moon Viewing Garden

  1. Your friend was right, the morning light is lovely, nice stretch BTW and I remember the other shot as well. You faced in the other direction and was darker, so this morning light really adds a nice glow to the image. I like the use of glass “paneling” it’s fun just like exercising!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Eva as always. Yes, that light at sunrise is almost holy for me. Getting up to bike I experience it in a completely different way.
      This turned out much better than I’d hoped. We’ve got rain on tap the next five days. While that’s good drought-wise, there’ll be no biking or photo taking in the rain… I still enjoy it. Hope you have a great weekend too!

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