Nature Photography: Stop, Look, and Listen to Her Message

Center of the Universe_wm

I’m learning, with the assist of a few cameras, my eyes (with and without glasses!), and my sense of gratitude, to may more attention to nature and the many amazing things she has to show us on a regular basis.

I consider the above shot to be a simple photo. There’s not much happening in it. There’s a duck silhouetted in a lake a few hours after dawn. Its movements caused a circular ripple effect which thankfully lasted long enough for me to a. notice it happening, and b. to raise the camera and press the shutter.

And yet, it’s a shot that makes me smile, relax, and feel a bit of wonder that something so simple could also possess so much power.

I didn’t think to ask the duck if it felt the same way I did; probably wouldn’t have bothered answering seeing how ducks get to enjoy experiences like this pretty much all the time.

It’s all good though. For now I’ll just be glad I paid attention to what Nature had to show me that day… oh, and for having a camera at the ready!

K’lee L. © 2016

19 thoughts on “Nature Photography: Stop, Look, and Listen to Her Message

  1. Sometimes simple things are the most beautiful, like the ripples on the water in this case. If the sound wave would be visible on a loudspeaker would look the same way, so to me this looks like the silent music of Mother Nature but instead of hearing it you see it and is very Zen to me, sings to my soul!
    Beautiful moment you captured, in my book this is perfection!

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        1. Thanks, Francisco for all your support. It means a lot to me. I really like your work as well. You have an excellent eye and know how to capture and frame a good shot so keep doing more, yes? I am heading out now with my camera. I don’t know how long I can be out because we have more rain coming. Hopefully I can take a few,shots before then. Hope you’re having a good weekend, my friend!

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          1. You’re welcome K. Lee.! Thank you for all suport too..! I liked your comnent ., thank you again my friend..! I hope see your today photos..!!

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    1. Thanks, Diana. Slowly but surely, I’m making those connections- the understanding of nature’s absolute connectedness to Life is making its way into my consciousness. It’s the same with your writing. You find ways to convey the truth of nature and life with your words very beautifully. Evoution at its finest!

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