An East Coast Storm Subsides, A Prayer For Recovery


With snow accumulation at the highest recorded levels since levels were first recorded back in the mid- 1800s(!), A huge swath of the Eastern Seaboard is dealing with the remnants of a monster weather event. (twenty-six inches of snow fell in NYC… in a day???)

I’m always grateful for the climate here in California, more so after hearing this kind of news. I may grumble at the rain or when temps dip below- God forbid- fifty or forty degrees, but this kind of event puts things into perspective- QUICK. Hearing about people dying from shoveling snow they probably had no choice but to shovel… it’s heartbreaking.

Passing the Peter and Paul Cathedral over in the North Beach District a few days back, I snapped this shot for no particular reason- until realizing there’s ALWAYS a reason even if it takes a while to make itself known to me.

I guess when all is said and done, this photo represents my hope that people on the East Coast dealing with this storm and the aftermath are putting aside differences, helping one another regardless of race, religion, or culture/political beliefs and realizing there are no differences when someone truly needs your help…

On some level, perhaps it’s why the storm showed up in the first place?

K’lee L. © 2016



21 thoughts on “An East Coast Storm Subsides, A Prayer For Recovery

  1. Maybe storms show up in life so we can remember and get warm in the memories of the places we have to be and we believe in… it’s just so beautiful to have hope in difficult times… Beautiful picture yet again

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