Nature Photography: The Forecast Calls For Magnolias!

Magnolia Spring Sky_sm

What a difference  a sky without clouds can make when you find yourself standing beneath a blossoming magnolia tree! That was the scenario I’m once more thankful to San Francisco’s Botanical Garden and a shifting weather pattern for creating. When I got here on this morning, the sky was eighty to ninety percent overcast. But if I’ve learned anything about  weather here it’s to expect the unexpected almost from a day-to-day perspective.

What’s also cool is realizing your standing next to other people as shocked and awed by the same phenomena(s) as you are. I’d say there were about fifteen of us in the grove; young, old, and all ages in between gaping at these insanely beautiful magnolias doing what magnolias do once they’ve gotten the memo giving them permission to start the show.

Needless to say, like my previous post’s visual, this one’s also gone under my ‘graphic creation process’; a little darker sky, a bit more saturation on the colors overall, and a bit of ‘mist’ to give the whole image a sort of dream quality.

Another cool thing about magnolias is their petals are so big and heavy, they seem to fall almost as fast as they come into full bloom, offering up a nice rain shower without the rain…

Glad I was there to catch the ‘first wave’. I might have to return for seconds!

This one’s also over at my FAA spot. You can check out all the items bearing this design here.

K’lee L. © 2016

24 thoughts on “Nature Photography: The Forecast Calls For Magnolias!

  1. Love the dreamy feeling you gave to this image, pink is a color which makes you dream, perhaps about Spring 🙂
    Back in my home town, the entire downtown park was lined with magnolia trees, was a spectacular show to watch when they bloomed, I hold dearly that image in my mind and today you reminded me, or better made me dream of my home town. Thank you K’lee for this beautiful moment in time.

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  2. Love the deep, sumptuous blue of the sky in this.

    Umm, I might be wrong, but I don’t think you need the (s) on phenomena, as that’s already the plural of phenomenon.

    Sorry, it’d bug me if I didn’t mention it. ;~}

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    1. Glad you liked the photo/graphic, Dale and according to Word Hippo, you Sir are correct. The plural of phenomenon is phenomena, my added, (s) was not needed, BUT in my defense, I used parentheses to denote possibility not an absolute. Good looking out!

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