Word Hippo: When a Good Word Can Be Made Better

Word Hippo

Above is a picture of a hippopotamus I took sometime in the second half of last year. This one lives at the San Francisco Zoo. I tend to be a fan of hippos. I like their size, their coloring, their movements, and I think their eyes are cool too.

Having taken said hippo pic, I set it aside with the belief I’d eventually find a good use for it. Today I found the perfect use, but it may not be what you think.

In my last post, I sought to use the plural form of the word ‘phenomenon’. I actually was on the right track in choosing ‘phenomena’, but decided in case I was wrong to add (s) at the end to make it clear I meant more than one.

I am once again indebted to Dale over at Diary of an Internet Nobody for verifying the proper usage of the word phenomenon’s plural aspect. As I read his words, I decided to go ‘googling’ to see what I could see.

One of the first websites I came across was Word Hippo. I’m a big fan of unusual names for things, so this one stood out. I admit, I didn’t expect much, but this small, basic site is well done and very useful!

At Word Hippo you’re given the option of finding: another word for; opposite of; meaning of; rhymes with; sentences with; plural of; singular of, and a number of other choices.

If you’re a writer, student, or simply enjoy words, I highly recommend this site. There’s suppose to be apps for both IOS and Android (got me excited!), but unfortunately I didn’t find them. Here’s hoping they show up soon.

Word Hippo may not sound like a serious tool. I’m here to tell you it’s definitely worth a look.

As an added bonus, I decided to throw in a partial ‘spelling list I found in one of my favorite books for writers, ‘The Writer’s Little Helper’ by James V. Smith Jr.

In it (pg. 235), he calls our attention to a few ‘common spelling hang-ups’:

Accommodation – takes two cs AND two ms.
Alot? Nope, you mean a lot.
Alright is all wrong; you mean all right.
Bizarre how many ways bizarre can be misspelled?
Embarrass, with two rs but … harass with one.
Judgement? No, judgment- one e.

There are more in the book…

James’ book is one I turn to on a regular basis. It’s a book with great advice, humor, and loads of inspiration!

Three recommendations in one post! Yahoo!!!

K’lee L. © 2016



9 thoughts on “Word Hippo: When a Good Word Can Be Made Better

  1. Ah, but does it have another word for “thesaurus”?

    I would take issue with “alright” not being an acceptable word. The OED allows for its use and compares it to “altogether” and “already” as they are both seen as correct and the merged version of “all right” has actually been in common usage for longer than either of them.

    Interesting site though, thanks.

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