Nature Photography: ‘Autumn Bloom Under Glass’ as a Metaphor for Spring

Autumn Blossom in Glass_sm

Spring, in some parts of the world, is knocking or beginning to knock on the door, She’s ready to begin her show. I’ve said it on numerous occasions, while we here in Northern California don’t get a true winter, it never stops me from celebrating the return of Spring and nature’s rebirth.

The bright orange blossom above is NOT a springtime flower. I mean, maybe it is in some parts of the world, but I took this photo near the end of 2015 because of course it made me think… of Spring!

Like a number of shots on this blog, the mad scientist in me needed to tinker and recreate. For this one, I used a ‘glass paneling’ effect. I wanted to give the impression of an ‘Autumn Bloom Under Glass’, which is the name I gave it over at my FAA site. I’m slowly building an entire gallery of pieces based on this effect.

Be forewarned, the piece over at FAA contains a blue background; the original color of the sky/background that day. My continual tinkering with this piece led me to a few color adjustments… greenish-grey backing for blue and a little more saturation on the orange.

Here’s hoping Spring is in the process of knocking on the door near to where you live.

K’lee L. © 2015/2016


23 thoughts on “Nature Photography: ‘Autumn Bloom Under Glass’ as a Metaphor for Spring

          1. Do you speak portugues??? Muito obrigado K’lee.! Espero que você tenha um fim de semana divertido também minha amiga.! 🍁

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  1. This is a great shot ~ the creative use of the ‘glass paneling’ effect brings the feel of spring. And with the Chinese set to celebrate their Spring Festival on Monday, this is perfect timing for such a shot. Cheers ~

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  2. Well, thank you K’lee for this “Spring” treat, how beautiful it is, pure sunshine! It really makes me look forward to Spring, a month or less! Love your madness when playing with editing, that is your signature, we all kinda develop a certain signature look and you have yours for sure. I really enjoyed your glass paneling from previous posts and love that special effect imprinted into the image, very effective and not over done. Wonderful work!

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    1. You’re most welcomed, Eva! Glad you liked it as I really am getting to enjoy creating them. I’ve done a number of other ones, so it’s just a matter of time before I post more. Have an awesome week!

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