Super Bowl 50: The Puppy Perspective

Puppy Bowl

If I took time to post all the amazing, stupendous, crazy, cool things I’ve seen this week as the city of San Francisco prepares for today’s Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, this post would be pages long.  On a side note, the ‘Super Bowl City’ venue was shut down on Saturday (as i was passing through on my way to the train!) due to being completely overwhelmed with people.

In the interest of keeping you from actually watching the Super Bowl (for those of you who will…), I’ll make this post about my favorite ‘sighting’ from a few days ago.

Puppy Bowl!

When I first saw this setup ( I noticed it because a runner several feet in front of me stopped and was obviously fascinated.) I admit too I initially thought it was just a stunt; a setup to get a laugh. What I later learned is the Animal Planet actually host both a kitten bowl and a puppy bowl.

here’s a link

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

K’lee L. © 2016

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50: The Puppy Perspective

    1. It’s funny, I only really watch the Super Bowl if San Francisco is involved!!! I’m glad I saw this little setup and wish I could have been there when this game got its ‘kickoff’. San Francisco’s ‘celebration’ this weekend was a little too much for me! lol.

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